Logo Color Influences Personality of Your Brand

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When you look at a logo, it may appear simple to design. But the moment you think how to craft a design to create the visual identity of the business, things may start getting complicated. Well! There is a good reason to hire a logo design expert to handle the job. Afterall, logo color influenced the personality of a brand.

It is well understood that a logo helps to create the first impression of a company. The logo has the ability to impact the perception of a brand, and it also drives purchase decisions at customer end.

In the present society, we are influenced with casual yet graceful logo designs. Experts say that it is always important to pick designs that can make you stand ahead of the competitors. When we talk about creative design, it is not just about avoiding imitation; rather you need to think out of the box. The audience always welcome something ironic and innovative.

Logo color and design ideas

Your logo image must be capable enough to introduce your brand to the buyers. It must set the mood to buy while reminding the brand’s ideology. Business owners must look for something inspired by aesthetics, but it should also present a deeper meaning.  Logo designs work for describing the unique attributes of the brand, and they must be unique at all.

How logo color reflect the personality of your brand?

Very few of us realize that logo color has a significant impact on the personality of a brand. Studies reveal that bold and bright colors grab attention with ease but at the same time, they may seem brash. The muted tones emanate sophistication, but sometimes they are overlooked. Indeed, every color has its own meaning and can give a unique message about the brand. It is important to be little careful about your selection to leave the desired impact on customers.

Well! If you are a beginner in this field, this color selection task may appear a little difficult for you. But don’t worry! Below we have highlighted the hidden impression of every color so that you can be more precise with your selection:

  • Brown: Steady, Historical and Rural
  • Pink: Flirty and Fun
  • White: Pure, Clean and Simple
  • Black: Powerful and Credible
  • Purple: Evocative, Wise and Spiritual
  • Blue: Trustworthy, Tranquil, Medical and Professional
  • Green: Instructional, Organic, Growth
  • Yellow: Optimism, Inventive and Sunny
  • Orange: Youthful, Friendly and Creative
  • Red: Bold, Sexy and Energetic

With this detailing, it may get little easier to choose the right color for your logo. But you need professional assistance to create a wonderful and elegant design. Well! It is good to contact professionals at KreativeOra to avail services for logo design. These experts know how to tell the best story about your brand by just creating a visual influence with logo. They can create a balanced combination of simplicity, flexibility, and trend to meet your marketing goals.


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